Her real name is Sophia. She graduated from Princeton University in 2009 with a BA in English and a certificate in African American Studies. That’s how she met her fellow PWW sisters with whom she will be co-birthing this blog.

The universe has both blessed and cursed Sophia by bestowing upon her the super powers of being a Bi-coastal Bi-Racial Bi-Sexual female. With strong familial and cultural ties to both Washington, D.C. and Southern California (Divorce!), a love for frijoles and fried chicken (Mexican Soul Food!!) and the ability to not only arouse but satisfy both men and women (Threesomes!!!) it seems her life was destined for feigned sophrosynian hubris derived from her earned and learned love of the many fences she was born on.

The next big step in her life is attempting to get an MFA in Creative Writing at UC San Diego because she wants to teach Creative Writing and write Science Fiction and be taken seriously for it. Food, Sex and Human Rights are very close to her heart and will be the topics of many of the wordgasms that will bubble a froth forth from her keyboard. Thanks for reading, enjoy!