Jade is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third-person, but she’s a people-pleaser, so she’ll indulge you anyway.  A Southern California native, Jade graduated from Princeton (ΦΒΚ, what what!) in 2009 and moved to New York City (hereafter known as the city) to pursue a Master’s in English Education at NYU.  But that’s on hold for now while she pursues her dream job, which is sort of hard to explain.  Just know that it involves saving the world and hanging out with celebs.

Jade’s love of words runs deep.  In her head, it’s words all day.  She finds good grammar, a knowledge of T.S. Eliot, and Oxford commas really sexy.  Bonus points if you can quote Dante in the original Italian.

As evidenced by her perhaps too frequently updated Facebook profile, Jade likes a lot of things.  These include but are not even close to being limited to: nail polish, big sunglasses, Splenda, walking the 4.2 miles from Canal St. to Lexington and 59th on a beautiful day, mac ‘n’ cheese, boys who are all wrong for her, babies!, making Jadesagna, pretending like she still cares about her diet, dancing–especially of the belly variety, Jonathan Safran Foer, Thought Catalog, Adele, Pretty Little Liars, being a pretty little liar, doing her best writing in her iPhone’s “Notes” app, and anything tiger-striped.