Brittney “call her by her middle name and she’ll gleefully bludgeon you to death” Winters graduated from Princeton University in 2009 with a BA in Comparative Literature, concentrating in French and Spanish literatures. She’s former roommate and forever-and-always-wifey to Sophia and fellow ‘Drangler (FCFCQQQ!!) and sister-from-another-mister to Jade, both of whom she met during her many misadventures at Princeton.

Brittney has been blessed with the ability to find the bright side in almost any situation…which is great, because she’s also been cursed to be the human embodiment of Murphy’s Law. Anything that you can think of that could possibly go wrong probably has already happened to her. Her life experiences have dragged her all around the country world, but she’s calling the Midwest home for the next couple of years as she scrapes together a career for herself. In the meantime, she blogs here, on her own blog, and at She thrives on Taco Bell, McDonald’s and a life-long avoidance of anything that even remotely resembles aerobic exercise.

She’ll be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall of 2011 to pursue a MA in English as she prepares to pursue a doctorate in Awesome. She loves teaching, science fiction, fanfiction, and the cross-section between young adult literature and feminist leanings. Her life’s ambition is to find a way to teach a course on women warriors in young adult fiction. And get paid to do it. In the meantime, prepare yourself for her lack of a mental filter. Bonne lecture!